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Click here to add text.Hello, my name is Aleeta Rachel Sleyster (Woodring) Hall / Long.
Welcome to my world of art creations.
I am the wife of Anthony Long.

I am the mother of James and Joseph
I am the Grandmother of 5 darling Angels sent from God.

When viewing my paintings, you will see in some of my paintings,my first born Granddaughter Tally created in different stages of her life.

I have sold over 2000 original, one of a kind paintings to patrons all over the world.

I have created art works such as very large to wall murals to very tiny less than 1 by 1 inch paintings for miniature collectors.

I have created paintings on items from new purses to wine glasses to commode seats, I will accept commissions to create just about anything on anything.

I have a personal written letter from President Reagan , in reguards to the Dodie's Gate Print, number 81 that I sent him. His letter was written by him, while he was in the hospital from the assassination attempt, and postmarked the day he was released to go back to the White House.

I was one of 2500 artist that were selected to create Angel decorations for the Clinton's first Christmas in the White House. I have a form letter from Mrs. Clinton thanking me for the Angel.

Please note , all of the following paintings of Dodie's gate are registered in Copyright Office Wash D. C.

Please email me with your comments or questions, if you take the time to read MY ABOUT M


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Sent: Friday, July 30, 2004 3:23 AM

Subject: faith From: "aleeta rachel long"

Date: Tue Jun 22, 2004 11:27


May I share a few words with each of you?

When I was a little girl, of 7 years old, my Mother died. We were raised in a foster family.

One of the early things that we were taught by MOM and POP WOODRING IN PARKVILLE, MISSOURI, was that if we had the faith in God, even as small of the tiny mustard seed, all things were possible.
I am sure as you read my posts, on the  , and on the ebay art and artist board, you will find most of my messages as supportive words for my fellow artists.

I pass on this faith to my artist peers to support them in their artistic endeavors.

My brother , Skip Sleyster, who was grown and just back from World War II , when our Mother died, still lives in our hometown.

He pays around 2000 plus dollars a week, to place his own thoughts about Kansas City life, in the Kansas City Star every Sunday. He never beats around the bush when trying to help his fellow man.

So naturally, I thought of him, when I was hoping for some advertisement for my ebay auction.

I called him when I was listing my letter from President Reagan, inclusive of the original painting DODIE'S GATE on ebay for 2,000,000.00 dollars, to ask, "if he would mention it in his weekly letter... ?" His response was, " Hell no... People will think I am crazy." end of that conversation...

Now, back to my faith, I know that someday, the letter and painting will sell for a large sum of money. I have a mind's eye picture of the faith of the tiny mustard seed, when I pray to God, or a special novena to Mary for the sale of the letter and painting.

My heartfelt thanks for your time for reading about me and my art, aleeta rachel....

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